The 3. Branch of Thai Studio Opening in Kensington High Street

The 3. Branch of Thai Studio is opening in Kensington High Street, London. This is a brand new establishment dedicated to offering the best of Thai massage services. You can get a traditional Swedish style Swedish massage or a Traditional Thai fusion type of massage. Each type of massage has its own unique set of benefits. This is why a good therapist should not be just an experienced masseuse but should also have a sound knowledge of the different types of massage available.

The massage will consist of different types of Swedish style massages, which are known as Therapeutic Massage. The first of these types is the deep tissue massage that is designed to relax your muscles and help you feel comfortable and relaxed. This will make the massage more pleasant for the client and the therapist. This type of massage will focus on the deep muscle tissues of the body. There are other types of massages such as the deep tissue, which focuses on the back and neck.

Thai Studio

A Traditional Thai style massage will give the client an Oriental styled massage which is very relaxing and soothing. This type of massage focuses on the large muscle groups of the body. These types of massages are perfect for those who are experiencing tension and pain in various parts of their body. If you are looking for a massage then you should check out the many different types of massage offered by this branch of Thai Studio.

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