Why People Might Like To Live And Work In These Places

Why People Might Like To Live And Work In These Places

East London Secrets 2020

East London Secrets 2020 is about where the action is. It tells us about those places that are exciting, and fun but also have the potential to offer a wealth of opportunities for business. It gives us a window into the working lives of young professionals in London’s bustling financial center of Docklands and Camden Town. If you love the excitement, then this  will keep you on the pulse of things.

We discover the hidden treasures of London as it is seen through the eyes of those who live and work in this most exciting part of the world. We explore some of the lesser-known  areas of London such as the Royal Park, Clapham Common, and Bayswater. There are also visits to some places that we know well from elsewhere in London, such as Clapham Common Racecourse and the Walkley’s Toy Museum. We learn about the hidden gems that London has to offer and how they have created a buzz among visitors.

East London Secrets 2020 celebrates the financial center of the city and how that can be opportunities and livelihoods for those who know where to look. In this book we learn about how the changing business economy has transformed some of the older financial districts of Docklands into gleaming new places where entrepreneurs can flourish. The rise of the up and coming Docklands is not just a story of progress though. It is also a story of re-siscovery. There is fresh ideas being taken to improve and change the face of some classic business districts, helping those who want to be there to find a place to belong.

For example, we learn about Camden Town’s newly refurbished coffee shops which have added a wonderfully breath-taking beauty to what was once an industrial town. The retail space in the area is an exciting mix of traditional shops and modern cafes and coffee houses, many of which are family run and designed with a ‘homegrown’ feel. They are not just a breath of fresh air; they are a real opportunity for those who want to start a business from home in an area where people have been living for centuries.

Of course it is not just the businesses that are doing well in East London. Many of the families who live here are doing so because they love the area. They may be from some of the oldest parts of the city and have a long history in keeping things alive and well. The residents themselves understand the importance of the place and enjoy all the benefits that come from thriving in the area.

East London Secrets 2020 is not just about the opportunities that entrepreneurs can seize but the places where they can make their home. There are exciting opportunities in the form of loft conversions to live in, a fresh new loft space to work in, or a place where you can rent business premises with a view. You could even own your own company or work for a company that makes its headquarters in the area. If you have a passion for the East End, you could make a success of it.

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