Google Earth Embedded Map – Create Your Own Personal Tour

Google Street view

If you have never heard of Google Street view before you may not know what this means. Google is one of the biggest search engines on the internet today. They have been involved in quite a few different applications over the years including Google Maps Street View, Google Earth and many others. You may even be aware that Google has taken advantage of Street View to make it easier for you to search for places all over the world.

Google has expanded into many areas beyond Street view with their newest application called Google Earth. This application not only allows you to see the earth from your own perspective but you are able to see it in 3D as well. In short, they are able to extend Street View capabilities within of businesses and personal websites. If you take a look at Google Earth you will see how street view imagery can really help consumers and business owners get a better view of the places they are visiting or looking at.

The beauty behind Google Earth is that the viewing is completely customizable. You can zoom in and out of any area or click on a particular place to see it up close and in detail. On top of that you also have the option to use the Google Maps embedded code to be able to share your virtual tour on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. What makes Google Earth such an interesting product is that they allow you to share your virtual tour with everyone you meet online. This means that if you visit your high school or college campus and want to show your classmates where you learned to take pictures, shoot pool or get your info for your business you can easily do this with the power of Google Earth.

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