Hotels Use New Technologies To Automate operations

Hotel technologies

Hotel Technologies Incorporated announces three new high-tech hotel products and upcoming offerings for the hotel industry at its exhibit # 1928 at the 2021 HX Global Conference & Exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Center Hotel and Casino. The new products are focused on meeting the needs of today’s modern, mobile traveler. The solutions offer new hotel room design and technology, reservation systems and digital hotel booking software. The display at the exhibit includes three new high-tech executive suites complete with leather living room furniture and oversized bathtubs. High-tech wireless access points are bundled into all rooms. There are also new business center lobbies, meeting spaces, and meeting rooms with full-service executive chefs and penthouses with full-service amenities.

The exhibit is a part of the HX Labs showcase of cutting-edge hotel technologies, which offer a forum for hospitality product manufacturers, hospitality design and hospitality educators, and guest industry professionals to share new ideas, connect with one another, and gain industry insight. This is the second year that HX has held an exhibition in Las Vegas. The original exhibition showcased cutting-edge hotel technologies, which helped hoteliers experience the digital transformation of their hospitality. This time, the focus is on the digital transformation of the guest experience. This shows the importance of the latest hotel technologies for today’s guests.

The hotel sector in the United States is going through a very dramatic transformation. The last ten years have seen profound changes in the way that customers interact with hospitality businesses. Many customers no longer want to simply go to a hotel and expect a great vacation experience. There is much more to the hospitality industry than providing a wonderful experience to guests. It is about developing the guest experience so they stay and recommend your business to others.

Check-in systems have changed dramatically in the last decade. Most front desks now allow guests to use their debit or credit cards to pay for their room. This helps to streamline the check-in process, cut down on long lines at check-ins, and allows guests faster service when they arrive. If you are using a traditional desk, you might be losing up to seventy percent of your guests who do not have debit or credit cards. Hotel Technologies like the iPhone X and Android phones, as well as handheld kiosks, will allow you to customize services for each individual client so your front desk experience is even better.

Another hotel technologies that are transforming the hospitality industry is the automated companion ticketing system. This has completely revolutionized the way that hospitality employees interact with guests and vendors. Hoteliers no longer have to call out guests or wait on tables to deal with unruly guests. Hotel Technologies like the companion system allows hoteliers to deal with their guests right away.

Other new hotel technologies include advanced room-management technology, digital access control, and other high-tech amenities. New hotel technology innovations can improve customer experience, lower capital expenses, and reduce employee downtime. Today’s hotel new technologies are making it easier than ever before to stay in touch. They are also helping to streamline operations, provide greater service, and encourage repeat business. With all these new hotel technologies, staying in touch has never been easier.

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