Purchaser Knowledge in Hotel Textile Dealers – What You Need to Know Before You Buy?

Eren Otel Tekstili - Selimpaşa

Purchaser Knowledge in Hotel Textile Dealers – What You Need to Know Before You Buy
Purchasing knowledge in hotel textile systems is more complex than just shopping for a thread count on a label. In fact it can be considered an art form and there are no short cuts or quick fixes. Just because a label has a low thread count doesn’t mean it’s bad, only that it doesn’t meet the current demands of the market place. If the thread count is high, that means the fabric can now be used in a wider range of rooms without the need for more expensive raw materials.

The challenge lies in understanding the industry that produces the fabric and what thread count is appropriate for your particular fabric. There is no one size fits all answer and if purchasing from Turkey isn’t your cup of tea there are other considerations to make before purchasing. This article focuses on a few points to consider before purchasing a new hotel wardrobe and how purchasing knowledge can help you achieve a successful purchase.

The market for Turkish textiles is huge but the supply is not constant. Demand is highly seasonal due to the dry and heat conditions that are found in Turkey but the demand usually increases at the end of summer when the weather warms up. Locally produced textiles such as those produced in Antalya should be avoided at this time of year because they are prone to shrinkage. These textiles may even have been washed many times before being worn. This type of wear and tear cause the fabric to lose its original qualities causing the garment to wear excessively quickly.

Eren Otel Tekstili

Purchasing knowledge means that you understand how to evaluate fabric based upon the season. You need to understand how to measure fabric based upon its weight and dimensions. Measuring textile is a skill in itself. You need to know how to read labels, understand where to buy bulk textiles, how to mix and match fabrics and know how to find the best possible fabric for the job.

You should also have a basic understanding of the different types of textiles that are available. The most popular are khakis, t-shirts, trousers and shorts, skirts and dresses. Once you have these basic skills mastered you can begin purchasing textiles based on their quality and use price as your primary purchasing tool. You will find that buying bulk garments is an excellent way of saving money while getting high quality textiles.

Purchasing knowledge when it comes to purchasing Turkish textiles can be very rewarding. You can learn more via Eren Otel Tekstili ‘ website. Once you master the necessary skills to choose the best textiles for the job you will definitely reap the rewards. There is no limit as to how much you can save by purchasing your clothing items from wholesale textiles rather than retail. So the next time you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe from the comfort of your home purchase some new garments made with the highest quality fabric by purchasing them from wholesale textiles.

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