Can Techno Globalisation After the Pandemic

Techno globalisation after the pandemic

Techno globalisation after the pandemic has been a theory that has been around for a while, ever since man started to create complex systems. The current global economic crisis is forcing many people to re-think their systems and how they can improve things for the betterment of society as a whole. With the current economic model in place, the only thing that stands in the way of the future is innovation. It is a basic law of science that as things get more complicated, the need for inventions and improvements to existing systems also increases.

There are many theories on how to save the world after the pandemic, the most common is the concept of antivirus software programs. It is highly likely that we will be seeing supercomputer abilities soon, which will allow humans to download virus related files onto a virus free computer. This will allow the human race to fight off any viruses that are released into the world, therefore protecting the world from a biological arms race. Although this may not seem like a viable solution, it is highly likely that we will eventually see a creation of artificially intelligent computers that are capable of defeating every virus on the market. These computers will be created in a lab, and will connect to the internet for its computing needs.

Another idea for how techno globalisation can be stopped is to prevent the transmission of the virus through technology. It is possible to create artificial intelligence programs that will think like humans, and learn from their mistakes. Once the machine learns how to stop spreading the virus, it will continue to prevent the virus from spreading by itself, and thus controlling the overall trend of the techno globalisation. Since the internet has become such an important part of everyday life, it is important to look into how the use of it can be stopped before it causes more problems to the entire world. It will require the combined efforts of many groups to keep the internet safe.

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