Diaar Restaurant is an excellent Turkish restaurant in Stanmore London

Diaar Restaurant is an excellent Turkish restaurant in Stanmore London. The decor, service and cuisine are excellent. The price is fair and for the food it is excellent value for money. Diaar have a large variety of dishes but try the chicken kebabs, which are very popular with them.

Diaar Restaurant Stanmore – 2021

The service was warm and friendly from the moment the waiter came to ask me what I was having. He also came when I had ordered some chips and asked if I needed it. He came in a few times after that to see if I was okay. He even cooked a little extra for our second course, which was quite appreciated.

Diaar Restaurant inside

Diaar is a wonderful place to eat. The service was excellent and the prices are reasonable. My partner’s meal was also satisfactory. We will definitely go back to Diaar Restaurant again and are looking forward to trying the other dishes that they offer.” good value for money in an oriental restaurant.” London | restaurant | service | customers | also} “I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Diaar. The service was excellent, the service was fast and the food was superb! The aroma from the dining area was very inviting. The service took its time whilst also being extremely polite and helpful. I also enjoyed the complimentary mezzes

Diaar Restaurant Salads

They also had excellent fresh steamed salads which were excellent.  I would highly recommend it to anyone

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