A Relaxing Bar and Grill in Epping, Essex

Piya is a Relaxing Bar and Turkish Grill in Epping, Essex


Piya Bar & Kitchen 2021

Piya Bar & Kitchen is a great Turkish restaurant in Epping Essex, serving up delicious kebabs, salads and specialties from around the world. The friendly staff are keen on making you feel at ease and it’s not hard to see why they have become so popular in surrounding areas such as Epping Green, Cheshunt, Harlow, Brentwood.

Piya offer visitors a great selection of dishes including traditional dishes such as rice, fish, lamb and tomatoes with meat sauce or other oriental delights such as lamb, beef and vegetables, all prepared by the best chefs in the area. However, their most popular dishes include kebabs, hummus, fresh salads, mix platters served with tasty fresh Turkish bread and of course, kebabs served on wooden buns with exotic fillings.

Piya Bar & Kitchen – Inside 2021

Another great attraction for many visitors to this relaxing restaurant in Epping, is the large open plan kitchen, which has all of the cooking supplies you could possibly need inside.

Piya bar & kitchen also have a large spacious outdoor garden, which is the perfect place for a nice evening out with friends and a glass of wine. You can relax on the patio while watching the dogs play or simply enjoy the beautiful garden. With an amazing outdoor garden to relax in, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself on your own, or perhaps invite your friends around for an evening outside.

Piya Bar & Kitchen – Garden – Outside 2021

If you want to treat yourself to one of the best kebabs you’ve ever had, I highly recommend this fantastic bar & kitchen. The atmosphere is just right for a great night out and the food is a notch above the rest!

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