Sultan Sofrasi -A Relaxed, Family-Style Turkish Cuisine

Sultan Sofrasi – Outside 2021

Relaxed, family-style Turkish food is served at Sultan Sofrasi 72 Parnell. Popular Turkish dishes include grilled meats and kebabs. Guests can enjoy a meal with a group of friends, or dine with a few people. The staff is very friendly and the service is quick. A relaxed dining experience is guaranteed, so you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. The service is also excellent.

Sultan Sofrasi – Chicken Shish kebab 2021

The restaurant is set in a charming brick terrace and offers a range of traditional Turkish dishes. Try the smoky Adana kofte, lamb kulbasti, kaburga ribs, or quail. It is also a great choice for a romantic evening or a special occasion. The food here is good, and the prices are very reasonable.

Sultan Sofrasi Mezzes 2021

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