The Harringay Snooker Club – 2022

The Harringay Snooker Club is a popular snooker club in Harringay, London. The facility can be found at 1 – 5 Salisbury Promenade, Green Lanes, N8 0RX, UK. Its phone number is +44 20 8802 6259. The club is open to members of all ages and offers a wide variety of tournaments and lessons.

Harringay Snooker Club 2022

The club has a great pool hall and snooker tables. The bar staff are very friendly and have a great attitude. The location is great and reasonably priced. The club is very busy and always busy. It is more suitable for social events than for serious gaming. The staff are very friendly, and the atmosphere is very welcoming. It has a great atmosphere, and it’s a good place to play snooker.

Snooker Club in Harringay

This snooker club was established in 1991 and serves the North London area. It is one of the premier snooker clubs in London and offers top-notch service. If you’re looking for a snooker club in London, the Harringey Snooker Center is the perfect choice for you.

Snooker Club London

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