The Complete Guide to Turkish Restaurants in London and What They Can Offer

If you’re looking for an authentic Turkish meal in London, this guide is a great place to start. You can also get information about Hala, Gokyuzu, and Karakoy Lokantasi. Whether you’re looking for a great Turkish meal or a traditional lunch with friends, you’ll find a restaurant in London that can provide everything you need.

Karakoy Lokantasi

If you’re looking for a taste of the real thing, head to Istanbul. Here, you’ll find the best ocakbasi in town. Gokyuzu, for example, serves massive, charred ocakbasi – an appetizer stuffed with eggplant and chicken. The menu also includes a few surprising options, such as Turkish pizzas and Turkish wines.


If you’re looking for a Turkish meal in London, look no further than Gokyuzu. The multicoloured space exudes an air of made-dot-com excess. A menu that is as food-focused as the space is, you’ll find something to satisfy your craving. You can order salads and dips along with kebabs, and you’ll be ready to start your meal before you know it.


For an authentic Turkish meal in London, try one of the many Hala Turkish Restaurants. The restaurant’s modern interiors and Turkish-inspired dishes are sure to please your taste buds. Try its baharat bread dipped in date butter, or pides with octopus and ricotta. Or try its rose-tinted desserts. Hala is a must-visit for anyone who loves Turkish cuisine.

Yeni Lokanta

When you want a taste of Turkish cuisine in a sophisticated setting, head to one of London’s Yeni Lokanta Turkish Restaurant locations. At this industrial-chic venue, you can order Elevated Seasonal Sharing Plates accompanied by natural wines. Located in Mayfair, the Yeni Lokanta is perfect for those who want to experience a little bit of Turkish culture while in London.

Cafe Privato

The name Privato is Italian for “private” and reflects its style of dining. This traditional Turkish and Georgian restaurant, located in an 1893 building, features 82 dishes. While the cuisine is traditional Turkish, the restaurant also serves seafood and pasta. Turkish liquor is available to complement your meal. Here is a list of Turkish restaurants in London and what they can offer you.

Assk Kahve

This sleek outpost of the Turkish chain serves coffee and ice cream. The glass counter features artisan chocolates. The food is exemplary, and it’s complemented by the upscale service. The prices are also right, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the value. Here you can indulge in Turkish cuisine, coffee, ice cream, and more. You can even enjoy a meal in a more intimate setting, if you’re so inclined.

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