The 10 Best Tourist Attractions In London A Traveler

The 10 Best Tourist Attractions In London A Traveler’s Guide

The Big Ben Clock Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in London, but there are also a lot of other interesting places to see. These attractions include St. Paul’s Cathedral, Hampton Court Palace, and the Natural History Museum. The best way to experience these places is by visiting them yourself.

Big Ben Clock Tower

The Elizabeth Tower, or Big Ben Clock, is a 162-year-old clock tower. The clock has long been revered for its accuracy. Despite bombing during WWII, the tower has continued to work. During the Blitz, the dials were darkened to prevent German zeppelins from detecting the chime. The clock face was recently restored. The restored face features new blown-glass panels and intricately restored details. The clock’s hands have gone back to their original color scheme, a striking change.

Big Ben is located in the heart of London. You can reach it by tube by taking the Jubilee, Circle, or District lines. Alternatively, there are many buses that travel to the area. The closest mainline railway stations are Waterloo, Victoria, and Charing Cross.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is an impressively large museum, displaying a variety of specimens. It is one of the three major museums in South Kensington. The others include the Science Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum. It is a must-see attraction for any visitor to London.

The museum has a variety of different exhibits that showcase different aspects of life in the past. The Hall of Fossils, for instance, tells the story of life on Earth through the bones and fossils of various animals. It also has a large collection of minerals, a life-size model of a T-rex, and a complete skeleton of a Diplodocus. The Natural History Museum is also home to the Butterfly Pavilion, which exhibits colorful butterflies. The Sant Ocean Hall features rare species of sea life.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

If you’re visiting London, you should check out St. Paul’s Cathedral, a Gothic landmark with stunning interiors. The cathedral is also home to a statue of the metaphysical poet John Donne. There are special tours that allow you to explore the cathedral’s inner workings. A guide will point out the architectural genius of Sir Christopher Wren and the numerous memorials to national heroes. The cathedral is also a great place to view the city’s skyline.

The cathedral is also home to a secret spiral staircase, known as the Divination Staircase, which was featured in the Harry Potter movies. This staircase, also known as Dean’s Stairs, was designed by Christopher Wren and built by William Kempster in 1705. Unfortunately, this staircase is locked during regular tours.

Hampton Court Palace

In addition to the main palace, Hampton Court Palace boasts 60 acres of beautiful gardens. The first small gardens were laid out by Wolsey in the early 1500s and were expanded by Henry VIII and his wife, Anne Boleyn. The palatial grounds include the largest Tudor kitchens, a rose garden, and the oldest hedge maze in the country. The gardens are also home to the world’s largest vine, which was planted by King George III in 1768.

The palace is open to the public, and tickets include a complimentary audio guide in nine languages. The audio guides are available at the Information Centre off Base Court. The audio guides are available in English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, and French. The audio guide also covers the palace’s extensive palace gardens and the Baroque apartments of William and Mary. The palace also hosts period films and national shows, and it also has an ice rink during winter.

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