A Cocktail Specialist In Teddington

Amazing Cocktails in La Pesca Restaurant & BarIf you are looking for a real London cocktail then you must make your way to the La Pesca to find some of the best London Cocktail Specials. The La Pesca Restaurant and Bar is a european restaurant and located in 122 High St, Teddington. This beautiful Bar andContinue reading “A Cocktail Specialist In Teddington”

The Opuz Kitchen is an Excellent Turkish Restaurant In Watford

The Opuz Kitchen is located at 7 King Street, Watford. The restaurant serve a variety of different cuisines such as Turkish, Greek, and Middle Eastern. The food served at the restaurant is of excellent food quality. If you want to taste great Turkish food, then you will love the food that is prepared by theContinue reading “The Opuz Kitchen is an Excellent Turkish Restaurant In Watford”

Istanbul Cafe & Bistro is An Excellent Turkish Restaurant In Central London

If you’re looking for a great place to eat in central London, Istanbul Cafe & Bistro are definitely a place you should check out. Situated on Great Portland Street Station and 5 minutes walk distance from Regent Park and Madam Tussauds Musuem, this friendly little eatery offers excellent food quality, good value for money, and aContinue reading “Istanbul Cafe & Bistro is An Excellent Turkish Restaurant In Central London”

A Relaxing Bar and Grill in Epping, Essex

Piya is a Relaxing Bar and Turkish Grill in Epping, Essex   Piya Bar & Kitchen is a great Turkish restaurant in Epping Essex, serving up delicious kebabs, salads and specialties from around the world. The friendly staff are keen on making you feel at ease and it’s not hard to see why they haveContinue reading “A Relaxing Bar and Grill in Epping, Essex”