An amazing massage parlour Primo Remedy

Primo Remedy is a great massage salon near Liverpool street station, London. “We offer both full-body massage and Swedish massage, in different styles — Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue work, reflexology, and many more. We also have other therapeutic treatments such as aromatherapy and Chinese medicine. Our therapists use modern techniques that are safe andContinue reading “An amazing massage parlour Primo Remedy”

The Best Shisha Places of Central London.

You are in luck if you want to find the best shisha saloon of the town. This is because Istanbul Cafe Bistro is one of the few traditional Turkish shisha saloons in London, and it has been serving the best Turkish hospitality and tasty food for many years now. Located near the trendy Camden Town,Continue reading “The Best Shisha Places of Central London.”

Turkish Restaurants in London

If you’re looking for some traditional Turkish cuisine in London, you should visit Duman Doner Fulham Turkish restaurant that is now opening up around the Fulham, London. From the old-fashioned baklava, to the new trends, such as kebabs, you’ll find everything you need in one place. However, with the popularity of these restaurants and theirContinue reading “Turkish Restaurants in London”