How Should a Hotel Bed Linen Be?

How should a hotel bed linen be? The basic answer to this question is that a hotel linen needs to be in accordance with the theme of the hotel, and also with the standards set by the hotels. However, there are a few other aspects that need to be taken care of, irrespective of whetherContinue reading “How Should a Hotel Bed Linen Be?”

Buy Fine Quality Hotel Textile Products From Reputed Manufacturers

Buy Fine Quality Hotel Textile Products From Reputed Manufacturers If you are planning for any international expansion in future then you should be ready to invest in quality hotel textile. Since the bulk of global business is basically export-based, thus it is extremely important to provide you with both dependable & high quality products andContinue reading “Buy Fine Quality Hotel Textile Products From Reputed Manufacturers”

Hotels Use New Technologies To Automate operations

Hotel Technologies Incorporated announces three new high-tech hotel products and upcoming offerings for the hotel industry at its exhibit # 1928 at the 2021 HX Global Conference & Exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Center Hotel and Casino. The new products are focused on meeting the needs of today’s modern, mobile traveler. The solutions offerContinue reading “Hotels Use New Technologies To Automate operations”