Discover The Izgara Restaurant in Finchley – 2021

Izgara Restaurant is definitely the best Turkish Restaurant in Finchley. Open every day during the whole year. Serving lunch, dinner and breakfast.

Menu: Izgara menu is extensive and is divided into four sections: Salads, Main dishes, Side orders and Desserts. The side orders can be a variety of things like mezes, rice, chips and yoghurt. You can also get dessert to top off your evening. There are also tables outside for those who wish to have an outside dining experience while dining at the restaurant.

The food: The food is delicious, filling and extremely healthy. We tried a few different types of food, and the staff was very attentive, helpful. The local Chicken Feast was absolutely delicious. The lamb shish was tender and tasty.

Spicy King Prawns
Spicy King Prawns

We ordered a selection of traditional dishes and got a full range of kebabs, Spicy King Prawns, rice, meze and dessert. The kebab was cooked in front of us in the outdoor grill. The meat was very tender and tasty. The mezes were served with sauce and bread.

The dessert came in the form of a traditional dessert called Baklava, made from pastry and walnuts or pistachio. The best part was the way it was served – by being served by ice cream. There were several cups of ice cream and a selection of cocktails. The atmosphere was extremely friendly and enjoyable.

Izgara Restaurant - Dessert 2021
Izgara Restaurant – Dessert 2021

With Very Affordable Prices..

Overall, we were very pleased with our visit to this restaurant and would highly recommend it. The portions are large, and the taste is excellent. If you are looking for a great place to eat on your lunch break or dinner in Finchley, this is definitely the best Turkish restaurant in Finchley.

If you have ever been to a traditional Turkish restaurant in the UK, you will know what we mean when we say it is a very different experience. They serve their mezes with small plates. This means that all the components are included and that you don’t have to ask for anything. The prices are also very affordable.

Menu Izgara Restaurant
Menu – Izgara Restaurant – Finchley

Most visitors to Finchley automatically assume that there is nothing to do in the area. Finchley is a lovely and lively place to be, and there is no shortage of things to do, but you can always find something available to entertain you.

Inside - Izgara Restaurant
Inside – Izgara Restaurant

Even if you don’t fancy with the local tastes, you can still enjoy a great night out dinner. There are many things to keep you entertained and happy at the same time. Izgara Restaurant is a Turkish cuisine with a modern twists, located at 11 Hendon Ln, Finchley, and should make anyone who tries one of their fabulous kebabs feel right at home.

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