Antalya Restaurant London – The Best Turkish Restaurant Near the British Museum – 2022

In the vibrant restaurant, colourful frescos adorn the walls. It’s hard to believe you’re eating at a Turkish restaurant in the middle of the British Museum. The vibrant, lavish decor has plenty of charm, and the food is a treat. If you’re feeling peckish, order a traditional Turkish meze. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new – just make sure to try the sourdough bread.

Antalya Restaurant Outside – 2022

Located near the British Museum, Antalya Restaurant London serves Turkish food and a wonderful selection of wines. The menu offers a delicious range of dishes that will satisfy any taste. It also offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. The ambiance is modern and upscale. Service is slow and the food is a good mix of Turkish and European flavors. You can expect a full-blown meal here. 

Despite its name, Antalya Restaurant in London is named after the city of Antalya. Located in Southampton Row, this restaurant boasts a stunning interior and stunning wine. A great place to stop in for a light lunch or a main meal. The cuisine features traditional Turkish dishes but also includes classic Mediterranean fare. The restaurant offers a set menu to suit all tastes.

Antalya Restaurant inside – 2022

If you’re in the city, it would be impossible to visit London without trying some of its incredible Turkish food. If you are in the mood for a buffet-style experience, head to Antalya Restaurant, in Bloomsbury. It offers a huge brunch on Sundays and offers a wide selection of dishes. The food here is authentic and delicious, and the ambience is romantic and inviting.

Antalya Restaurant Menu Plates

An excellent Turkish restaurant in London is Antalya. It is located near Russel Square and has a menu that features Turkish and international dishes. Guests can start their day with a traditional Turkish breakfast or indulge in a lavish brunch on Sundays.

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